11 Oct Women are key protagonists in the fight against radicalisation

My article published in The Parliament Magazine:

When Isis gained control of a swathe of Syria and Iraq, not only did they win a military victory and seize vast resources, they also acquired a place in which to make their nightmarish utopia a reality. 

While they attempt to spread terror across the globe, they are revealing precisely what they want to inflict on us all. Their model for society is not a mere aspiration; it already exists. Ignorance or uncertainty can no longer be used as an excuse for failing to take action to defend ourselves against Isis.

Its propaganda invokes an overwhelmingly male world of threatening bearded jihadists who are armed to the teeth. But, as a totalitarian model for society, Isis needs, and uses, women. In rare cases they have been used as terrorists, but they are always exploited as slaves, wives and the mothers of children who must perpetuate the caliphate. (…) View full article here